Monday, 19 May 2008

Lazy Beader

Since finishing up my studying I should have had lots of time to make jewellery, I had one particularly productive Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago (I've included some of the pictures below) but I have to admit that since then I have been a very lazy beader as I haven't made anything new. The gorgeous weather the week before last was a good excuse - I have now filled all my patio pots which will hopefully give me some colour to look at when I'm doing the washing up - but this last week for some reason I haven't been inspired to create anything new. The good news is that I got two packets this week with gemstones and silver, so later this afternoon I'm going to see what I come up with.

Anyway, here are some of the things I made during my last bead session - all using lovely lampwork beads. This first piece is a bracelet made with Izzy Anderson's beautiful 'Deep Space' beads - I love the mix of blues and the grey base some of them have - I thought they would work well with some smoky quartz rondells and two colours of Swarovski crystals. This is one of those pieces I'm tempted to keep for myself, lol.

This piece is a pendent made with one of Clare Scott's beads. I had a set from Clare, and three beads have gone into a bracelet (unfinished as yet as I'm still looking for the perfect clasp...) I decided to make the fourth into a pendant - my first go at this type of thing . I just love the colours in this one too - like a swimming pool with deep blue tiles...

The last piece is something I have made for my Mum (and my second ever pendant :). I bought a set of four of her 'beach pebble' beads from Mary Parker last year to make a bracelet for Mum, and she commented that she's quite like a pendant with a similar but larger bead. I asked Mary and she very kindly agreed to make me a similar focal, which is just gorgeous. Mum loves earthy, natural colours, so I'm hoping she'll be equally pleased with this piece. I sent it off last week (she lives in America, so for her it was Mother's Day last weekend), and am now just waiting to hear that it has arrived safely.

The last three pictures are just a bit of fun - Fuzz my 9-month old kitten gets very excited when my bead tray comes out, and he was getting his paws into everything last weekend! The pictures are slightly blurry, as Fuzz hardly ever sits still long enough to take a clear picture :0)


Izzy said...

They are all gorgeous - obviously having a kitty to help makes all the difference!

Alison said...

Great pieces, Ali. I'm sure your Mum will love her gift.