Monday, 2 June 2008

Lovely Lampwork

I've finally got around to a new post, with some pictures of my latest creations. I've had a number of sets of lampwork beads at home waiting for the right 'accessories', particularly the dragonfly clasp, which I have had my eye on for ages but I have been waiting to justify an order (from Shiana - Karen Hill silver suppliers in Thailand). I have a new incentive to get busy making, as I have been offered some space on a stall at the Leamington Peace Festival, which is happening in a couple of weekends' time. This will be the first fair I'll have done since the very cold and not-very-busy-at-all Birmingham Flea Market I did just before Christmas, I'm hoping this will be a bit more lucrative and a lot warmer! I also realised I need to upgrade my packaging and display - to be honest it won't take much to improve on the current state of affairs, lol.
So today I've ordered a few display items which I'm hoping will do the job, and I've found a company that is apparently the only UK company that supplies only recycled gift and jewellery packaging - called The Tiny Box Company. I've gone for bright blue boxes :)

I've made three new bracelets over the last week, all using sets of Caroline Hannon's beads. The first one is my first attempt at using silver wire instead of beading wire - you can probably tell the inspiration for this comes from Jo at Gemheaven - I have long been admiring similar creations she has made and wanted to see if I could recreate the wire effects. This was also my first attempt at wire-wrapping briolettes - the hole was too small for my smallest gauge silver wire, so I had to get a bit creative with beadalon and crimps underneath the wrapping. I just love the colours in these beads (luna glass I think) when I first saw them they reminded me of sunsets in Spain when we were there earlier this year.

I've had this second set of beads for absolutely ages, and have been waiting for the clasp to arrive - this is one I think I'm going to keep (I purposely made the one above too small for my wrist so I am not tempted to keep it for myself - I can't justify keeping them all!). This bracelet is made with citrine rondelles and amazonite chips.

The last bracelet is another using Caroline's beads - very neutral and organic, but with a few specks of pale blue colour, which i think really pops out when the aquamarine rondelles are with them. The tiny creamy coloured beads are African opal, and I have used Picasso jasper rondelles as little charms, as the colouring is very much like the glass beads (without the blue).

I'm really on a roll at the moment, I have another bracelet and matching earrings in progress, pinks and purples and butterfly crystals, which I'm hoping to finish this week if I get some time - watch this space...


Tina said...

Beautiful bracelets Ali. Good luck with the stall.

Ali P said...

Thanks Tina ;)

Izzy said...

Wow, you really are on a roll - they are all gorgeous!

Ali P said...

Thanks Izzy - I've just stopped by your site - love those Orphan sets (that have sadly but unsruprisingly been snapped up already ;)
Ali x

Catherine said...

Beautiful bracelets Ali!!

I hope the festival goes really well!!

Alison said...

Beautiful pieces, Ali. Good luck with the sale.

Jewellery Craft said...

Hope festival is a hit! It should be as you have some beautiful creations, love your wire wrapped beads, I just can't get them right!


Crafted Gems said...

hey hun, those are fantastic, i've awarded you a blog award, please look at my blog