Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Wire Work in Progress

It's been a while since I last posted, no excuse really except that I've been pretty busy (no change there then :). A couple of weeks ago Caroline gave me the lovely Sweet Home Blogger Award, so now it's my turn to pass it on. There are quite a few people who would be on my list, (Caroline, Mandie, Nia, Catherine, Jo) but as you guys have had at least one of these already I've decided to award these to five different people.

And they are:

Manda of Mango Beads - her blog always makes me smile with tales of the menagerie, and perhaps more importantly I first fell in love with lampwork when I saw her beautiful beads. I am the proud owner of two silver core 'buddies' (I had a third but decided I should not be so greedy and gave it to my sister ;)

Veryan of Beady Pool - I've only just discovered Veryan's blog, although I had previously seen some of her jewellery on Izzy's site. Veryan makes beautiful jewellery and is another lampwork addict like me.

Rachel of Earth & Fire Beads makes beautiful lampwork and has recently started making polymer clay beads with striking effect. I especially like her 'organics' beads, the colours are wonderful (bring on payday ;).

Brandi (among other things an artist, designer & bead-hoarder and therefore a girl after my own heart) started a new blog last month: 'Brandi-girl' which is a definite pick-me-up and some days a laugh out loud read. Her jewellery is fabulous too - I love the way she uses colour.

And last but not least Hannah of Kuutu, who makes beautiful and original silver & gemstone jewellery. If my other half ever pops the question I'll be sending him Hannah's way for a ring ;0)

This week has been something of a nightmare, my car failed its MOT last week, and my BF's uncle had promised to help us fix the problems. We bought a scrap version of the same car to get the bits we needed to fix mine (engine / exhaust / door handles... believe it or not it was cheaper this way) and I was supposed to be going to take my car back for its re-test today. Uncle was due to do the work at the weekend, but cried off due to the bad weather (and a friend dropping by for an unexpected visit). The original plan was to change over the engines and exhausts and do a bit of welding under the bonnet. So last night BF took the car over to Uncle's for him to do the work - he decided to leave the engine but just change the carb instead, exhaust is still not fitted and in the process of welding a small hole Uncle has managed to burn out the indicator wiring and catch BF's hand with the welding torch! So now he has a badly burned hand and is not in the best of moods! Needless to say there will not be an MOT retest today and becuase BF is incapacitated, I'll probably have to get my hands round the wiring loom - not exactly the kind of wire I was hoping to be working on this week! Wish me luck ;)

But on to more beady things... on Mandie's recommendation I have now bought a book to teach myself how I should be doing wire work. I saved up for a little bench anvil, some hammers and a bit of wire to get me started (I had not really appreciated the fact that the jewellery quarter in Birmingham is so close), so at the weekend I started on some bead cages, plain and twisted jump rings and my first attempt at a wire clasp. So far so good I think - I'm now waiting for a new set of files to arrive so I can smooth out my tool marks, and make these beads (from Caroline) into a bracelet. I've decided I like this metal hammering and twisting business I just wish I could remember not to keep backing into the anvil and cracking my elbow - I think a bruise is forming, lol.

And finally, a picture of a bracelet I made as one of two possibles for a commission, in the style of some previous bracelets I'd made - she chose the other alternative which was silver, peach and pearly. The original version of this one had some ruby quartz and amethyst Swarovskis, I'd made it one evening under artificial light, and when I looked at it in the daylight, the colours just weren't quite right. So I remade it exchanging the quartz for some beryl morganite rondelles that just arrived from Hong Kong - (thanks Deb if you see this blog), and some garnets and garnet Swarovskis which I think make for an altogether more pleasing colour combination. Hope you are all having a good week :)


BeadyPool said...

Oohh i am so touched :) That award has really made my day - thank you. Not sure I will be able to think of 5 new people to send it on too, but will give it a go. BTW I haven't forgotten about sending the bead - it will be on its way soon

Ali P said...

Thanks Veryan :) no doubt we'll 'talk' again soon.

jewellery by erin said...

I'm just learning wire work myself. It's a lot harder than it seems like it might be when you see the photos in the "how-to" books, but once you get the hang of it, it's a load of fun.

Crafted Gems said...

oh wow look at those wire cages, they are fantastic

Jewellery Craft said...

Way to go Ali!!!!!!!!! Fun ain't it!


Ali P said...

Thanks Erin, Caroline & Mandie - I'm having great fun with wire - and the hammering can be very therapeutic too, ;0)
Ali xx

Alison said...

Your wire work looks great, Ali and really suits those beads of Caroline's.