Thursday, 15 January 2009

I started the New Year on a great note ~ with my first Etsy Treasury ;) It made the front page too, and although I missed seeing it there lucky for me Jo of Gemheaven was in the right place at the right time and captured a screen shot for me (** thanks Jo **). I haven't really made a proper list of new Year's resolutions for 2009, but I guess one of them would be to do more with 'All About the Beads' on-line and off and I guess Etsy is a good place to start (and making treasuries is fun too ;) I should try to keep up with my Blog a bit more too, but better not promise too much as I know what I'm like!

I don't have any new work of my own to show at the moment, I made a few commission pieces just before Christmas which I heard yesterday went down very well with their recipients (phew!), but I'm currently on somewhat enforced bead holiday. I had decided over Christmas that while I had a couple of weeks off work I would do some reorganisation at home and swap over our second & third bedrooms ~ the idea being to give my BF's son a larger room and more space for his toys and to play for when he comes to stay and to move my desk / jewellery workspace (and massage couch) into the smaller of the two rooms. It would also mean that I could finally get around to decorating the small room and lay a floor over the bare boards, which I've been trying to do for a while. I have a lovely pale aqua colour for the walls and had picked a laminate floor from Ikea, and was pretty excited about reinventing the space BUT when I came to lay the floor the Ikea boards were just not cutting it - the floor boards are just too uneven and the new floor doesn't click together properly as a result :( So I'm going with Plan B come payday, when I can afford to get some better quality boards from B&Q...

In the meantime, all my beads and tools are boxed up and waiting for the new room to be ready - I'm itching to get them out again and thinking it's probably time to go back to a tray in front of the telly until I can get my bench up and running, I just don't think I'll get away with bolting my anvil to the coffee table or hammering silver through Eastenders ;)

So in the absence of any new creations of my own, I've posted some pictures of the lovely things I bought on Etsy over Christmas with some money my lovely sister Kathryn put in my Paypal account as a pressie ;)

The first is a necklace made by Brandi of Catie's Blue ~ I loved it when she first posted a picture on Flickr, and so I treated myself. Just waiting for it to arrive, it should be here any day now :)

The second thing is another piece of jewellery, this time a bracelet made by Charlene Serdan in Canada. I just love what she does with beads and how she combines colours in her bracelets and necklaces - the hardest part was choosing my favourite one!

This one is something I couldn't resist getting for my sister ~ she's Ashley the Angora Sweater Rabbit, made by the lovely Felicia of Fluffy Flowers in Macon, Georgia. She has a great knack of making the cutest creatures with personalities ~ and all out of recycled sweaters. My other half can't understand why I would pay money for 'a piece of old jumper' which makes me laugh, but these are so sweet I just can't resist. (I have one of my own I bought last year: Thomas Tillerman~Pirate Sweater Cat!)

And the final picture is a print that I've bought from Courage My Love also in Canada. I spotted this one day on an Etsy treasury that made front page, so getting our work out there at the forefront definitely has it's payback. I love the image and the idea of this picture, and the colours will be perfect for my new workroom, the walls are a paler version of the middle teacup ;)