Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Exploring Colour

Since the beginning of the month I have been taking the ‘How to be a Color Rockstar’ eClass that Brandi (of Catie’s Blue) has put together and is now running for the first time. We’re only 7 lessons in, but already it is really making me think about colour in new ways. Last week, we focused on the basics of colour theory; how colours are made up, how they relate to each other and the myriad of different colour schemes that can be created and provide inspiration.

~ Orange Palette ~
Photo Courtesy of Photos8.com

I have learned how to make colour palettes, like the ones Brandi often creates for her own blog, and so I have been experimenting with some of those. This week we are starting to look at the psychological aspects of colour, we all have colours that are our favoriites, and which we gravitate towards, and so we are now exploring the reasons behind these colour preferences and associations. More of that later, but in the meantime, here are some of the colour palettes I have put together, and I have tried with some of them to chose colours I would not naturally pick but could not resist one with my favourite hues too ;)

~ Red Palette ~ Photo Courtesy of Photos8.com

~ Purple Palette ~

Image courtesy of Prozac1 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I'm starting to think about my personal colour stories today, and will try to post with some of those a bit later in the week. Hope yours is a good one so far.

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Brandi said...

Ali, I think these palettes are AMAZING! Bravo for really trying to push yourself and try something new - I think the colors you've chosen are awesome! I'd love to see finished pieces with those colors.

Thanks also for the kind words - they mean a lot to me. :) I'm so glad that in only a week I've been able to help you think about color in a new way!