Friday, 13 August 2010

My Colour Stories ~Purple~

As part of my colour class over the past few days I've been working on my 'colour stories'; thinking about a few key colours that have special meaning for me. The first is Purple:

For me, colour always starts with purple; I surround myself with this colour, and am known for wearing lots of it too. I do love most shades and tones of purple, but thinking about this question in the context of the colour wheel I think it’s probably more accurate to say my favourite is somewhere between blue-purple and purple, violet, I guess. Purple has always been my favourite, as long as I can remember, I always considered it to be a colour with more going on than what I thought were ‘basic’ colours like red, yellow, blue, and green; for me it has always seemed a bit magical and special.

When I was really very little, probably four or five years old, I spent a few holidays with my Gran. When we were out and about, I always used to tell her that I didn’t like purple cars or purple front doors. and she told me later she thought I was telling her I didn’t like the colour purple. Far from it! In my twisted logic my aversion to purple cars and front doors was not because I didn’t like the colour, but that I didn’t think these things did justice to my favourite colour. Purple cars and purple doors tended to be painted a kind of matte, desaturated Cadbury purple ~ this was in the late 70s, and I guess matte purple was all the rage, but to me it just didn’t look right! Clearly I had not been able to articulate the subtleties of this to my Gran at the time ;)

~ Ford Escort MK1: Purple Velvet ~

Ironically, not so long ago we bought a classic 1974 Ford Escort MK1 ~ in Purple Velvet no less, and I did love that car, colour and all ~ in the end it had to go (too must rust and not enough money to put it right).

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